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BPM Supreme has teamed with some of the country’s leading music production and DJ schools to give students the most important tool of all – music. Take advantage of your free trial and start downloading high-quality tracks now.

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BPM Supreme makes it easy to find all of the best tracks, remixes and versions that professional DJs and producers need.

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We’re one of the few record pools offering high quality and DJ-ready MP3 audio!

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Clean, dirty, radio edits, intros and more. We’re continuously uploading new tracks and versions.

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Grab one track or download your entire crate at once from our website on any device – no app needed!

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Easily preview songs and build your sets using a visual WAV Form Player.

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Our partner schools

Los Angeles, CA
Rockville Centre, NY
Austin, TX
Belleville, NJ
Denver, CO
Los Angeles, CA

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