Redefining the way you create music.

  • Over 200k Royalty-Free Sounds
  • Musical Stems, Effects, Vocals, Drum Beats, Loops, One-Shots, Instruments & MIDI files
  • Powerful Advanced Search Functionality
  • Tagged & Organized Files for Optimal User-Friendliness

Pulsating basslines, lo-fi textured drums, and urban soundscapes.

  • Analog & Digital Synths
  • Guitars
  • Vocals
  • Foley/Found Sounds
  • Acoustic, Electronic, Sampled & Synthesized Drums
  • Effects
  • Musical Stems

The sounds that move you.

  • Hip Hop
  • Mainstream Pop
  • R&B
  • Future Bass
  • Lo-Fi Soul
  • Reggaeton
  • Urban Soundscapes
  • Latin Dance
  • EDM
  • Moombahton
  • Bass House
  • Global Rhythm
  • Techno
  • Trap
  • Riddim
  • Festival Trap
  • Mid-Tempo
  • Night Bass

Frequently Asked Questions

BPM Create is an online sample library by leading music service BPM Supreme built for creative DJing, beat making, and music production. Designed for musicians of all skill levels, BPM Create’s mission is to redefine the way artists, producers, and DJs create music. The service offers thousands of expertly designed, meticulously curated, and royalty-free samples, effects, loops, and one-shots.

BPM Create offers a variety of analog and digital synths, acoustic and electronic drums, guitars, vocals, foley/found sounds, effects, musical stems, and MIDI files. Genres range from hip hop and R&B to techno and future bass.

All sounds by BPM Create are high quality 24-bit WAV at 44.1kHz. Additionally, all MIDI files are in a Standard MIDI File format (.SMF).

BPM Create adopts both the technology and high quality standards from its parent company, BPM Supreme. BPM Supreme stands at the forefront of the DJ world with a leading online music subscription service. By bringing many of the well-known features and technology from BPM Supreme and BPM Latino into BPM Create, we are able to offer a unique sonic intersection of DJ + Producer + Artist. Consequently, we offer our users multiple ways to discover new sounds, curate their own content, control their account. Users can add more credits if needed and expand their knowledge via tutorials on our in-house platform, BPM TV.

BPM Create also has features that go above and beyond what similar platforms offer, including MIDI file selection and a powerful search engine that quickens a producer’s workflow while generating superior accuracy in the search results. The BPM Create team diligently works to ensure quality and provide content that has been thoroughly reviewed and approved. To top it all off, BPM Create platform is designed to be lower cost point than other similar services, making it easy for producers of any level to get started.

Sounds on the BPM Create platform are professionally produced by our team of sound engineers and producers, outside labels, and other partner contributors. With a BPM Create subscription, you have access to the full library of samples, effects, loops, and one-shots. And because all of our sounds are owned or licensed by BPM Create, we have taken the hassle out of royalties, or licensing issues.

BPM Create is available in three convenient membership options.

  • A Standard Membership is $4.99 per month and gives you 75 credits monthly
  • A Premium Membership is $9.99 per month and provides 200 credits monthly
  • A Premium Plus Membership is $14.99 and provides you with 375 credits monthly.

In addition to monthly subscription prices, if you ever need a few more credits to finish a project, you can also make a one-time purchase of $3.99 to receive 50 credits, $5.99 to receive 100 credits, or $11.99 to receive 250 credits.

In most cases, sounds on BPM Create are available to download for 1 to 2 credits. Sounds that include a MIDI file are 3 credits. To see how many credits a particular sound is, simply hover your cursor over the sound and the credit requirement will display. When you choose to download a sound, the credits will be automatically deducted from your credit total. You can always see how many credits are available in the top righthand corner of the platform screen.

Yes, any unused credits will rollover to the next month if your membership remains active and in good standing. There are no restrictions or limitations on the amount of credits that you can rollover. However, if you choose to cancel your account, you will lose all of your existing credits, including those rolled over from prior months.

Your ‘purchased credits’ are credits that you’ve personally paid for via a monthly Standard Membership, a monthly Premium Membership, or a monthly Premium Plus Membership. Purchased credits can be used towards any sounds you’d like on the BPM Create platform, including sounds by music label partners.

‘Promotional credits’ are credits that have been gifted to you through an approved promotional campaign by BPM Create. These credits may only be used towards sounds and sound packs created by BPM Create.

When you upgrade your membership during an active subscription period, you will be charged the difference for the upgrade immediately and will be given the additional difference in credits. Your billing/renewal date will stay the same as it was previously and you will be automatically billed at a new subscription rate when the original renewal date is reached.

For example: A user who has a Standard Membership ($4.99 / 75 credits a month) with a renewal date of August 28th upgrades to a Premium Membership ($9.99 / 200 credits per month) on August 22nd. They will be billed the difference of $5.00 on August 22nd and also be given the additional 125 credits. They will now be billed $9.99 on August 28th and the 28th of each month for a Premium Subscription unless the user changes the subscription plan 72 hours before the renewal date.

If you downgrade to a plan during an active subscription, you will be charged the new rate on your subscription renewal date.

For Example: A user who has a Premium Membership ($9.99) with a renewal date of August 28th downgrades to a Standard Membership ($4.99) on August 22nd. They would be billed $4.99 on August 28th and the 28th of each month for a Standard Subscription unless changed.

Yes, when you sign up for a Membership, you will be billed on your monthly renewal date until changed or canceled.

Yes, all are royalty-free and available for use so long as you follow BPM Create’s Terms and Conditions.

Sounds can be downloaded from BPM Create as many times as you need. However, if you ever need a sound you’ve previously downloaded, you can find them all under the ‘My Library’ section on the left hand menu when you are logged into the BPM Create platform. Click ‘My Downloads’ to see all sounds and samples you’ve previously downloaded. This excludes any Sound downloaded through the use of promotional credits or credits purchased without a subscription and no subsequent subscription. Any non-subscription or promotional credit re-downloads will require additional credits.

Yes, once you download a sound, it is yours to keep and use royalty-free. If you cancel your subscription, you are still able to use your downloaded sounds royalty-free. However, if you reinstate your account, those sounds may not display under the ‘My Downloads’ section of your account.

Yes. Samples and sounds may be used for commercial use so long as long as you follow BPM Create’s Terms and Conditions.

Sounds may be used for music production, creative DJing, and beat making, and can be included in compositions of larger projects. Sounds should not be used as a standalone sound. Sounds by BPM Create also should not be used for resale or redistribution. Please refer to our Terms of Use for full details.

New sounds and sound packs are uploaded to the BPM Create platform daily. At its launch, BPM Create has a library of over 50,000 samples, effects, loops, one-shots, and MIDI files! To stay up to date on the most recent sound packs and features, be sure to follow BPM Create on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, as well as payment via PayPal for users outside of the U.S.

BPM Create Memberships can be cancelled at any time. There are no contracts or commitments associated with a membership. To cancel your account, please ensure that you cancel 72 hours before your next payment date. Otherwise your account will be charged for the next batch of monthly credits. BPM Create does not offer refunds when this occurs, but you will be able to access to your monthly credits until your account is cancelled.

To cancel a subscription, you must go to and select ‘Cancel Subscription’ and confirm the cancellation of your Membership. A confirmation email for the cancellation of the subscription will immediately be received. Upon cancellation of the subscription, all unused credits will be forfeited and access to certain parts of the site will be limited.

BPM Create offers an extensive library sound files for music production, creative DJing, and beat making. BPM Supreme offers a wide range of DJ-ready music. BPM Create and BPM Supreme are separate digital music services with two separate platforms. They each require their own membership to access content.

BPM Create and BPM Supreme are separate digital music services and require separate membership subscriptions. If you wish to use both services, you must sign up and manage payments for the two separate accounts.

At this time, we do not offer any combination package discounts.

BPM Create uses data collection methods to obtain information about visitors to our web domain. See more information in our Privacy Policy here.

If you’re unable to resolve an issue or you have a question, please email our support team at A team member will be in touch within 48 hours of your request!

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